One day in spring our class planted potatoes. First we digged a hole. Second we put the potatoes in the soil. Then we water the potatoes .

We waited a long time before we could harvest the potatoes .One day after the summer holidays we harvested the potatoes .We had big and small and a little bit of green and red potatoes . From potatoes you can cook different dishes.In schoolduring the lessons we made french fries and rosemary potatoes.

For the french fries you need: sunflower oil, potatoes ,knife ,garlic, rosmary, oven:

1.you wash the potatoes 2.you cut the potatoes in sticks 3.you put the salt and oil on the french fries 4. put the french fries in the oven

For the rosemary potatoes:

1.you wash the potatoes 2.you cut the potatoes in halves 3.you cut the rosemary and garlic 4.you put the rosmary and garlic salt and oil on the potatoes 5.you put the rosmary potatoes in the oven .

It was delicious!!!!

Written by Maxim Karpunin, 3d


Recipe: Rosemary potatoes

Ingredients: Potatoes,rosemary,garlic,salt,oil

Preparation: wash the potatoes, cut them in half, put them on a baking try, then cut the garlic and the rosemary, put everything and a little bit of oil on the potatoes and mix very well with your hands.

Then put in the oven.


Written By Emily Flint, 3d