Apple Party (2012)

In September 2012, class 1d invited their partner class 4c to an Apple Crumble Party.


After 1d had learned a lot about apples during the past few weeks, it was time to make “apple crumble”, a delicious English dessert. The children peeled, cored and cut up pounds of delicious apples which came straight from Frau Schubert’s garden!


The pieces of apple,  sweetened with brown sugar and topped with crumble were then put into the oven. While we were waiting excitedly for the crumble to cook and for our guests to arrive, 1d sang songs and even learned a rhyme about apples too.


Class 4c knew where we were. The children only had to follow the delicious smell.  Class 1d proudly welcomed 4c and served everybody before sitting down and eating crumble themselves. All the boys and girls enjoyed their apple crumble and sang a song together. They had a great party and an exciting last day before the autumn holidays!

Thank you class 4c,  for celebrating with us, and for doing the washing-up afterwards!

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