Drummers in the Woods: Woodpecker Music by 2d

Drummers in the Woods: Woodpecker Music by 2d

Now is a great time of year to take a walk in the woods and our playgrounds. Trees are coming into leaf, blossom’s bursting out, there are lots of birds singing and nests being built. Spring’s here – hooray!

The early part of spring is also your only chance to hear something rather special. This is the time when woodpeckers – both male and female – are ‚drumming‘ – not singing like other birds.

This inspired us, class 2d and Mrs. Sauer, to compose our own woodpecker music. Since we have just learned how to read music, we composed our own woodpecker rhythm with mostly quarter notes and rests. Every team created a different rhythm and wrote it down.

We went outside and split the class into female and male woodpeckers. Every pair got cards with the identical woodpecker music – without knowing! The male had to attract the female with its wonderful music. The male had to hit a tree with a stick while the female was looking for the right fit!With 12 males drumming it wasn’t easy to find the right partner – but it was a lot of fun!

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